Studying abroad – now provides full support!

Have you considered studying in Brazil, China, India or Russia? New rules allow you now have a unique opportunity to do just that – without having to pay for it!


Until today, the Norwegian students in Brazil, China, India and Russia got financial support for all study years except the first. These countries namely bachelor degrees lasting over four years, not three as in Norway. Previously, students who wanted bachelor in these countries had to finance the first year itself.


An investment in the future

Majority in government are now voting for the amendment of the state budget for 2012 so that the state will pay for you also the first year you are a student in one of these countries, writes Your Money. The Government had not really planned to make this change, the real plan was to cover language courses for Norwegian freshmen. Under pressure from including ANSA, they yielded to the desire for full support. The countries we are talking about is country Norway will have a lot to do with the future. Investing in several Norwegian youth learn the language and culture can be beneficial in terms of increasing exports and imports by these countries, says Marianne Hill in Starting gents Education Committee for Your Money.


Possible expansion

Perhaps this could be the beginning of something bigger. When the state allows for this scheme, it may be that it will eventually be expanded to include both other countries and several institutions in each country.


Yet few Norwegians

Although all four countries concerned are major economies like everyone is trading with Norway, few Norwegians taking bachelor degrees in the four countries concerned. For example, it was in spite of English teaching, no Norwegians registered as an undergraduate in India in the last academic year. In China there were eight Norwegian freshmen.


With this arrangement means that you as a student in China receive a subsidy of 90,000 crowns per year. These will go to tuition and accommodation. All four countries are relatively cheap to live in compare to many other options, so this money you can get a long way. The journey must still rely on to pay yourself.